Professor Peter Boyle

Professor Peter Boyle


Professor, University of Edinburgh

Partner Institution


Peter received his PhD in Particle Physics from the University of Edinburgh and has been a reader in the Theoretical Particle Physics research group at Edinburgh since 2004. Peter is a member of the RBC-UKQCD collaboration, and collaborates with Columbia University, Southampton, Brookhaven National Laboratory, RIKEN Brookhaven Research Center, University of Virginia, University of Connecticut.


Research interests

Low energy Quantum chromodynamics using computer simulation, and particularly matrix elements of hadrons that are required to constrain fundamental parameters of the standard model and search for physics beyond the standard model. Peter believes his publications represent the best constraints on Vus and BK which enter the famous unitarity triangle. Subtopics: Kaon matrix elements - BK, Kl3 , K->pi pi. Non-perturbative renormalisation of Lattice operators. Chiral lagrangian. Hadron spectrum and decay constants. Electromagnetic effects.