Prof Albert Chen is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Water Systems (CWS), University of Exeter with over 20 years of experience in Water and Human Environments. His research vision is unleashing the power of hydroinformatics, enabling efficient and effective solutions to systematically strengthen the resilience of human and environment to the impacts of water-related challenges, for the present and the future climate scenarios. Albert is enthusiastic in building digital solutions such that he has developed a series of tools and techniques, including physical modelling, machine learning, data analytics, and high performance computing, to analyse interrelationships between different phenomena, services, and consequences related to water, human and environment. The research has enhanced our ability to predict the behaviours of water and its interactions with natural and human environments. His work has helped international stakeholders involving in different water management practices to determine adequate strategies and measures to better manage the valuable resources for sustainable development.

Research interests

Albert is a  NERC Digital Environment Expert Network, a part of the NERC/UKRI Constructing a Digital Environment (CDE) Programme, to develop the thinking and practice around a ‘digitally enabled environment’, providing benefits for policy makers, businesses, communities and individuals. He also co-leads the Policy Action Group in the European Commission’s ICT4Water cluster to review existing challenges and to identify the advantages and opportunities of integrated ICT applications within water sector. The outcomes will contribute to shaping policy recommendations at super-national, national, and local levels to facilitate the uptake of digital solutions.