Alejandro joined the Turing in May 2021 as a Postdoctoral Research Associate of the Data Science for Science programme. Before joining to the Turing, Alejandro completed a PhD in Geography at King’s College London in 2020.  He also graduated with distinction in MSc. in Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Management from King’s in 2015. For +9 years, Alejandro has contributed to a wide variety of international institutions including CGIAR, WWF, Global Canopy and Solidaridad by developing data-driven tools and pipelines for analyzing georeferenced and satellite image data for decision making, mainly in environmental and agricultural settings at multiple scales. He is active in supporting reproducible research in the geoscience community and participate in international communities like the Turing Way promoting the next gen of transparent science.

His main interests are on novel data-driven approaches (e.g. deep learning) and the automation of complex and large data tasks to solve hard scientific and real world problems using cutting-edge technologies (e.g. big data & cloud-computing).

When he is not too busy doing geeky things, Alejandro enjoys reading sci-fi books, cycling and coffee roasting.

Research interests

Alejandro supports the conceptualization and development of the building blocks for Digital Twins of the natural environment as part of the Environmental monitoring: blending satellite and surface data project. The project aims to lay the foundations for ambitious research programmes to tackle our greatest environmental changes. We will develop and deploy reproducible and interpretable methods to increase scientific understanding, build tools to help environmental measurement planning, and provide the underpinning tools for intelligent real-time monitoring.

Additional to the above project, Alejandro supports other Turing’s projects of the Data Science for Science programme such as the development of generic and accessible computer vision tools for applied research, mainly in the fields of Environment, Biology and Agriculture.