Alejandro Coca Castro



Postdoctoral Research Associate


Alejandro (he/him) is a Postdoctoral Research Associate of the Data Science for Science and Humanities programme at The Alan Turing Institute. He holds a PhD in Physical Geography with a MSc. in Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Management at King’s College London (KCL, United Kingdom). He has 10+ years of experience in applied artificial intelligence and data science, in particular for Earth Systems, Agricultural and Environmental sciences. He has contributed to a wide variety of international institutions in the public, research and industry sectors developing pipelines and tools to process and analyse data (spatial and non-spatial) for decision making.

When he is not too busy doing geeky things, Alejandro enjoys reading sci-fi books, cycling and coffee tasting.

Research interests

Alejandro's main research involves the development of software for downscaling environmental variables as part of the Environmental monitoring: blending satellite and surface data project. The project aims to develop and deploy reproducible and interpretable methods to increase scientific understanding, build tools to help environmental measurement planning, and provide the underpinning tools for intelligent real-time monitoring.

Additional to the above project, Alejandro contributes to other Turing’s projects such as scivision, a generic and accessible toolkit for scientific image analysis. He is also the lead of the Environmental Data Science book, active member of the Pangeo Europe network, and one of the co-leads of the Translation and Localisation team of The Turing Way.