Dr Aleksander Domanski

Aleksander Domanski


Turing Fellow

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Dr Aleks Domanski is a Senior Research Associate at the University of Bristol and the Francis Crick Institute, London. Aleks was awarded a PhD by the University of Edinburgh in 2014 following a collaborative Wellcome-National Institutes of Health sponsored project on the network basis of distorted sensory processing in Autism, carried out jointly in Bethesda (USA). He moved to Bristol University for postdoctoral research in 2015 and studied the neural dynamics supporting animal decision making and learning. In 2020, funded by a Turing Biomedical Data Science Award, he joined the Neurophysiology section at the Crick as a visiting scientist to develop new computational methods to understand the role of multisensory integration in predictive coding in the brain. He holds joint appointments at the two institutions.

Research interests

Aleks’ research focuses on understanding the collective dynamics of coupled sparse networks, and in developing mathematical, analysis and modelling frameworks for understanding network responses to perturbations. His work has applications in understanding the neural circuits controlling animal behaviour, quantifying biodiversity and inter-species interactions and monitoring urban environments. Additionally, he develops smart sensor networks for collecting data, both in the laboratory (e.g. wearable EEG) and for field observations (e.g. automated animal behaviour quantification, urban analytics).