Professor Andrea Baronchelli

Portrait of Andrea Baronchelli, a dark haired man with beard looking right at the camera and smiling, wearing a light blue shirt


Token Economy Theme Lead

Partner Institution

Research areas


Andrea Baronchelli is Professor of Complexity Science at City University of London, Token Economy theme lead at The Alan Turing Institute, and a aresearch associate at the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies.

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Research interests

Andrea investigates the dynamics of decentralised socio-technical systems using concepts and tools from the physics of complex systems, network science and data science.

Topics he researches include the emergence and dynamics of social norms and shared category systems, tipping points in collective behaviour, polarisation in social networks, blockchain & crypto ecosystems, and human mobility.

Andrea's work has been supported by public and private institutions (UKRI, ESRC, InnovateUK, UK Govt., PayPal, etc). In 2019, Andrea received the Young Scientist Award for Socio and Econophysics from the German Physical Society.