Dr Andrew Wood

Andrew Wood


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Andrew is a lecturer at the College of Medicine and Health at the University of Exeter, specialising in the genetics of common human diseases and risk factors. Andrew has a degree in Computer Science (BSc Hons), (2006), a master’s degree in Bioinformatics (2007) and a PhD in statisical human genetics (2012). His main interest is the computational and statistical analysis of derived phenotypes and genetic data collected and derived on a population-scale for biological discovery and genetic epidemiology. Andrew was a visiting fellow at the Big Data Institute (University of Oxford) between 2018-2020 collaborating on the genetics of physical activity and sleep as measured by wearable devices. In 2021, Andrew received an Academy of Medical Sciences Springboard award to investigate the genetics and impact of weight fluctuation over time on disease risk across 500,000 individuals living in the UK.