Anna Knack

Anna Knack


Senior Research Associate


Anna Knack is a Senior Research Associate in the defence and security programme. Her research interests focus on defence futures and the impact of data science, artificial intelligence and other relevant emerging technologies on defence and security. Prior to joining the Turing, Anna was Deputy Co-ord Lead of the Technology, Disruption & Uncertainty research workstream in RAND where she coordinated a portfolio of work that leveraged futures methods to help policy-makers understand and prepare for the future strategic operating environment. This involved studies that informed strategic approaches towards military capability development, defence innovation ecosystems, defence industrial base issues, CBRN defence, cybersecurity, cybercrime and counter-terrorism.

Her recent work includes studies that informed the UK Ministry of Defence’s Climate Change and Sustainability Strategy and the Defence and Security Industrial Strategy, as well as the European Commission’s Blueprint for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills for the European defence industrial base. Her previous research also informed policy at UK Strategic Command; UK Army HQ; the Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre; the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office; the French Ministry of Defence; the Australian Defence Science and Technology Group; the European Defence Agency; the European Commission; the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity and Europol.

She has presented her research at national and international conferences and has conducted policy briefings for senior decision-makers in national government, NATO and the EDA. Anna holds an M.A. in International Relations: Conflict Studies & Human Rights from the University of Utrecht and a B.A. in Politics & Social Policy from the University of York.