Dr Beatrice Alex

Dr. Beatrice Alex


Chancellor's Fellow at the University of Edinburgh

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Turing Fellow

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Dr. Beatrice Alex is Chancellor's Fellow at the University of Edinburgh and Turing Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute.  Her research interests center around information extraction and text mining.  She has worked on a many projects involving natural language processing applied to different domains, including healthcare, biomedicine, astronomy, news, recruitment, social media, history and literature.

Research interests

Accessibility, interpretability and linking of data have become the focus of many data providers and users. Most research in this area has been directed towards making textual resources more accessible. Audio and video archives need to be regarded as equally important. Cataloguing and transcription of speech archives is extremely labour-intensive and time-consuming. The goal of Beatrice's work is to mine transcripts of large speech archives automatically to generate metadata for such collections. She also works on clinical NLP to apply this technology in the healthcare sector, specifically radiology and multimorbidity related research.