Professor Ben MacArthur

Photo of: Ben MacArthur


Director of AI for Science and Government, Deputy Programme Director for Health and Medical Sciences, and Turing Fellow

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Ben MacArthur is professor of quantitative biomedicine at the University of Southampton. In accordance with his interdisiplinary research interests he holds a joint between the Faculty of Medicine and Mathematical Sciences. At the Turing he is Deputy Programme Director for Health and Medical Sciences.

He obtained a PhD in applied mathematics (Southampton, 2003) before training in experimental cell biology, first in the Faculty of Medicine at Southampton (2003-2008) and then at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, USA (2008-2010).

He is a visiting professor at the International Research Centre for Medical Sciences at Kumamoto University, Japan.

Research interests

Ben's work combines computational, mathematical and experimental methods to better understand human health and disease. In particular, he uses machine learning methods to analyse and combine complex biomedical datasets, including time-series, genomics/proteomics, single cell expression, and heterogeneous clinical datasets. He is also interested in how complex patterns of social interactions (for example, from social networks) interact with physiology to affect human health, and well-being.  His work often combines machine learning with mechanistic mathematical modelling to better understand the causes of any observed patterns.