Dr Benjamin Guedj

Benjamin Guedj


Visiting Researcher

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Dr. Benjamin Guedj obtained his PhD in Mathematics in 2013 from Université Pierre & Marie Curie (now Sorbonne Université, France). Since 2014, he is a tenured researcher at Inria (Lille - Nord Europe research centre) and since 2018, he also is a principal researcher at University College London (Department of Computer Science).

He has recently obtained two competitive grants from the French Agency for Research, is an elected member of the board of the French Statistical Society and of Inria's Evaluation Committee. Benjamin's areas of expertise are machine learning, statistical learning theory, and computational statistics. Keywords: PAC-Bayes, Bayesian learning, supervised and unsupervised learning, concentration inequalities, deep learning, online learning, sparsity and high dimensional statistics, ensemble learning.

Research interests

As a visiting researcher to the Data-Centric Engineering programme, Benjamin Guedj is planning to carry on research on variational inference for complex systems (based on his expertise on PAC-Bayes), scalable sampling algorithms with theoretical guarantees, high-dimensional and sequential clustering algorithms, and reinterpret deep learning architectures from an information-theoretic perspective.