Dr Benjamin Guedj

Benjamin Guedj


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Dr. Benjamin Guedj is a Principal Research Fellow at University College London (Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Department of Computer Science). He is also a tenured research scientist at Inria, the top French research institute in mathematics and computer science, and a Turing Fellow of The Alan Turing Institute. He is the founder and scientific director of The Inria London Programme, a joint lab between France and the UK.

Dr. Benjamin Guedj conducts research in theoretical machine learning. He holds a PhD in mathematics from Sorbonne Université (Paris, France) and focuses on statistical learning theory, PAC-Bayes, computational statistics, theory for deep learning, representation learning, among other topics. He has contributed over 40 research articles in statistics and machine learning. He has been the recipient of several competitive grants in Europe and France, is involved in programme committees of most of the machine learning venues and has received several awards. He is leading a research group of one postdoc and 8 PhD students and is a member of the ELLIS society and a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. He is serving as Associate Editor for the journals Information and Inference and Data-Centric Engineering. 


Research interests

PAC-Bayes, Bayesian learning, supervised and unsupervised learning, concentration inequalities, deep learning, online learning, sparsity and high dimensional statistics, ensemble learning, statistical learning theory, computational statistics.