Brent Mittelstadt is a Research Fellow and British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow in data ethics at the Oxford Internet Institute and a member of the UK National Statistician’s Data Ethics Advisory Committee. His research addresses the ethics of algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics (‘Big Data’). Over the past five years his focus has broadly been on the ethics and governance of emerging information technologies, including a special interest in medical applications.  

Research interests

Dr Mittelstadt's research focuses on ethical auditing of algorithms, including the development of standards and methods to ensure fairness, accountability, transparency, interpretability and group privacy in complex algorithmic systems. His work addresses norms and methods for prevention and systematic identification of discriminatory and ethically problematic outcomes in decisions made by algorithmic and artificially intelligent systems. A recent paper on the legally dubious 'right to explanation' and the lack of meaningful and accountability and transparency mechanisms for automated decision-making in the General Data Protection Regulation, co-authored with Dr Sandra Wachter and Prof. Luciano Floridi, highlights the pressing need for work in these areas.