Dr Caroline Jay

Caroline Jay


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Caroline Jay is a Chartered Psychologist and Computer Scientist at the University of Manchester. She is the Research Director of the UK Software Sustainability Institute and an advocate for open and reproducible research. She leads the University of Manchester Arm of the BBC Data Science Research Partnership.

Research interests

Caroline leads research examining the relationship between human health and the environment, with a particular focus on air quality. 

Poor air quality is responsible for millions of deaths across the world. Tackling this issue is complex. Whilst a solution is to emit fewer pollutants, achieving this is difficult, due to economic and political pressures. 

The research is examining how to gather the data we need to understand where to focus reductions, how to modify the environment to mitigate the worst effects of pollutants, and how to influence human behaviour to ensure individuals lower their own risk of suffering ill effects. 

The project builds on symptom data collected via mobile phones in the Britain Breathing and CityVerve projects, extending the approach to Brazil and China.