Chanuki Illushka Seresinhe is a third year doctoral researcher from the Data Science Lab, Warwick Business School. Chanuki's research interest entails using online data from such sources as Flickr and Google Street View to understand how the aesthetics of the environment impacts human wellbeing. Prior to returning to university, Chanuki worked in the digital design sector for over ten years.

Research interests

Using data from Scenic-Or-Not, a website that crowdsources ratings of “scenicness” of 1 km grid squares of Great Britain, combined with data from the Census, we find that residents of more scenic environments report better health (see Quantifying the Impact of Scenic Environments on Health, Seresinhe, Preis & Moat, 2015) even when taking core socioeconomic indicators, such as income, into account. However, visual environments can vary dramatically throughout 1km grid squares, especially in cities. This research project will apply deep learning techniques to images of urban locations, in order to explore which visual features of the environment might impact the well being of city residents.