Chanuki Illushka Seresinhe is the Director of Data Science at Culture Trip, a global startup operating in experiences, travel, media and entertainment. Chanuki began working as a commercial data scientist at Channel 4 and then went on to lead the data science team at Popsa. Her research work at the University of Warwick and the Alan Turing Institute, which involves understanding how the aesthetics of the environment influences human wellbeing, has been featured in the press worldwide including the Economist, Wired, The Times, BBC, Spiegel Online, Guardian, Telegraph, Scientific American, Newsweek and MIT Technology Review. Chanuki has a PhD in Data Science from the University of Warwick.  Prior to pursuing a career in data science, Chanuki had a successful design career that included running her own digital design consultancy for over eight years.

Research interests

Chanuki's research entails using big online datasets and deep learning to understand how the aesthetics of the environment influences human wellbeing. For example, how might we design our future cities to be conducive to our wellbeing?