Dr Charalampos Saitis is Lecturer in Digital Music Processing with the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). At QMUL, he is member of the Centre for Digital Music (C4DM) and the Institute of Applied Data Science (IADS), and investigator and deputy director of the QMUL Centre for Doctoral Training in Data-informed Audience-centric Media Engineering (DAME). Outside QMUL, he is active in the UK Acoustics Network (UKAN) and non-partner member of the international Analysis, Creation and Teaching of ORchestration (ACTOR) Partnership. He was awarded a PhD in music technology from McGill University in 2014. In 2015-16, he joined Fondazione ISI as postdoc in the data science lab. Prior to joining QMUL, he was Humboldt Research Fellow at the Audio Communication Group of TU Berlin in 2016-19. He is a founding member of the International Conference on Timbre.

Research interests

Dr Saitis’ main research topic is communication acoustics. His work involves using empirical and computational methods to investigate different modalities of experience, interaction, and control between the music “user” (listeners, performers, producers) and sound as a multimodal semiotic system. His previous research has focused on verbal-data-driven analysis of cognitive representations of timbre and “metaphors we listen with,” and more recently on digital interactive cross-sensory games. In current work and as a Turing Fellow, he is interested to explore the potential of digital music behavioural data sourced from streaming and social media platforms in data-driven understanding and modelling of human culture, values, and biases.