Dr Chen Zhong is an Associate Professor in Urban Analytics at the Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), University College London. She earned her PhD at the Future Cities Lab (FCL), Department of Architecture at ETH Zürich, working on spatial analysis for urban planning. Prior to joining the UCL, she was a Lecturer in Spatial Analysis at King’s College London. 

Research interests

Chen's research interests lie in spatial data analysis, machine learning, urban modelling, and data-driven methods for urban and transport planning. Her ongoing research focuses on urban mobility with strengths developed in three aspects: (i) the use of emerging human location data and advanced spatial analysis and modelling methods (ii) addressing broad transport-related issues, e.g. evolution of urban spatial structure, socio-spatial inequalities, and accessibility to services through academic and industrial collaborations; and (iii) looking into various urban contexts, e.g. mega-city regions in China and cities with informal settlements in Global South.