Dr Christopher Burr is an Ethics Fellow and a philosopher of cognitive science, specialising in the ethical design, development, and deployment of data-driven technologies and the interaction between human agents and intelligent systems.

He is the co-organiser of the Special Interest Group, 'Facilitating Responsible Participation in Data Science'.

Prior to starting at The Alan Turing Institute, he held postdoctoral research posts at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford (2018–19), working as part of the Data Ethics Lab, and the Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol (2017–18). He completed his PhD in Philosophy of Cognitive Science at the University of Bristol in 2017, funded by a European Research Council scholarship.

He has previously advised organisations including the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, the Department of Health and Social Care, and has conducted interviews with media organisations including the New York Times, BBC, and Vox.

Christopher’s recent and upcoming invited lectures, talks, and public appearances include:

  • ‘Explanation and Active Enquiry’ – (Invited Workshop Paper) Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, University of Birmingham
  • ‘Responsible Research and Innovation in Digital Psychiatry’ - (Invited Seminar) TU Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • ‘Responsible and Trustworthy Machine Learning’ - (Invited Seminar) University of Bristol, UK
  • ‘Digital Well-Being’ - (Video Podcast) EAVI Conversations 2020
  • ‘The Ethics of Digital Well-Being’ - (Public Lecture) Ethical Reading
  • ‘Living online: the long-term impact on wellbeing’ – (Inquiry Hearing) House of Lords COVID-19 Select Committee
  • ‘Trustworthy AI: A Human-Centred Perspective’ - (Invited Lecture) Frankfurt Big Data Lab, Germany
  • ‘Responsibility, Trust, and Assurance: How should we design, develop, and deploy machine learning?’ - (Keynote Lecture) Science and Society Conference, London School of Economics
  • ‘A Right to Intervene? Digital Psychiatry and Mental Integrity’ - (Invited Seminar) University of Vienna, Austria
  • ‘Exploring the Unknown: The Predictive Mind in Immersive Environments’ - Global Health Film Festival 2019, London, UK

Research interests

Christopher's research interests include:

  • The study of well-being (e.g. how can we use digital technologies to measure and promote individual and social well-being),
  • Technical governance (e.g. how can developers provide assurance in ethically-salient properties of algorithmic systems and build trust among stakeholders and users),
  • Human-computer interaction (e.g. how to design intelligent systems that promote intentional use and self-determination),
  • Bioethics (e.g. how AI technologies should be used to support or deliver mental healthcare), and
  • Cognitive science (e.g. how to understand the risks of intelligent systems influencing and shaping human judgement and choice behaviour).