Coralia Cartis (BSc Mathematics, Babesh-Bolyai University, Romania; PhD Mathematics, University of Cambridge (2005)) has joined the Mathematical Institute at Oxford and Balliol College in 2013 as Associate Professor in Numerical Optimization. Previously, she worked as a research scientist at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and as a postdoctoral researcher at Oxford University. Between 2007-2013, she was a (permanent) lecturer in the School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh.  

Research interests

Assoc. Prof. Cartis’ research is on optimisation, algorithm development, analysis and implementation for a variety of problem classes (linear, convex, non-convex, smooth/non-smooth, stochastic), suitable for large scale. In the past few years, her research focused on complexity of non-convex optimisation problems; compressed sensing; parameter estimation for climate modelling. Currently, she is investigating optimisation methods for problems with imperfect or corrupted information, such as in the case of stochastic optimisation.