Dr Daniel Williamson

Daniel Williamson


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Daniel Williamson is Senior lecturer in statistics at the University of Exeter. He gained is PhD at Durham University in 2010 on the topic of developing Bayesian policy support for decision problems involving data from expensive computer models. Following a postdoctoral research position at Durham University, he was appointed as a lecturer at the University of Exeter in 2013. 

Research interests

Dr Williamson's research involves developing methodology for integrating physical data with the output from expensive computer simulators in order to calibrate those simulators and thus learn about the real world, with specific application to climate modelling. This area of research is known as Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) and, in application to climate models, "climate model tuning". His other Turing related research looks to develop theory to link algorithms for Bayesian inference with big data in applications, to justifiable decision making with implications for machine decisions and artificial intelligence. 

Achievements and awards

Daniel has won an International Society for Bayesian Analysis Savage award (Hon. Men) for his PhD thesis and won the Lindley prize for outstanding research article in 2016. He won an EPSRC fellowship in 2013 for developing Bayesian methods in Uncertainty Quantification for hierarchies of models with spatio-temporal output.