Professor David Aspinall

Professor David Aspinall

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Turing Fellow

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David Aspinall holds a personal chair in Software Safety and Security at University of Edinburgh. He leads the Security and Privacy research group in the School of Informatics and a cross-discipline Cyber Security & Privacy Research Network in the University.  His research interests cover foundational and applied areas of computer security, as well as interactive theorem proving and proof engineering.  

Research interests

Professor Aspinall wants to pursue several ideas in The Alan Turing Institute.  First, he plans to work on applying interactive theorem proving to cryptography, by formalising game and simulation based cryptographic soundness proofs on machine.  Second, he wants to build on earlier work that combines machine learning and formal methods, which he used to construct robust malware classifiers for Android applications: he wants to extend this work to other sources of data, including data collected by the security industry, such as network traffic and log data, to develop better methods of anomaly detection and inference from event streams.  Finally, he is interested in privacy and security issues behind personal data, including data that is collected in eHealth and mHealth solutions, or IoT devices.