David Beavan

David Beavan


Senior Research Software Engineer


David (he/him) is Principal Research Software Engineer (Acting) in the Research Engineering Group (REG) at The Alan Turing Institute, and Research Affiliate at the University of Edinburgh Centre for Data, Culture & Society (CDCS).

He is currently:

  • REG Lead and Co-Investigator (Acting Principal Investigator Nov 2021 to Jun 2022, and Aug 2022) for the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded project Living with Machines
  • REG Lead (Acting) for Turing Research & Innovation Cluster for Digital Twins TRIC-DT
  • REG Lead (Acting) for Energy and Environment Grand Challenge

David has been Research Engineering's Lead for Accelerating AI in the Arts and Humanities. He has led the Research Engineering Group's work on Data-centric Engineering projects such as AI for Control Problems, Vehicle Grid Integration and the development of the Data Safe Haven Classification Web App. David is the funder of the award winning Turing Data Stories, an open community creating and curating data stories.

He is Vice President and Trustee of the Society of Research Software Engineering, and is a member of the UKRI Peer Review College, reviewing for both AHRC and ESRC. David has served the Digital Humanities community as an elected member of the European Association for Digital Humanities (EADH), and was a former Co-organiser of the Humanities and Data Science Turing Interest Group. Prior to joining the Turing, David was Associate Director for Research at the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities (UCLDH) and Research Manager for the UCL Faculty of Arts & Humanities. He has worked on large-scale projects of international and national importance, such as the Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech and its sibling projects, including the Corpus of Modern Scottish Writing, while at the University of Glasgow.