Dr Llewellyn is a Senior Research Fellow in Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Exeter Medical School. He also holds an honorary contract with Devon Partnership NHS Trust. He moved to Exeter from the University of Cambridge in 2009 having received advanced training in epidemiology and data science. His his research aims to enhance the timely detection of dementia, with a focus on developing strategies for primary and secondary prevention using machine learning. He is an expert on the measurement of cognitive function, and he advises on cognitive measures as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing.

He also sits on Alzheimer's Research UK's Grant Review Board. In his research, he uses a combination of evidence synthesis, data science and machine learning to develop new translational insights that may lead to more effective interventions and an enhanced diagnostic pathway for dementia. He has developed a DEmentia identification COmputerized DEcision support system (DECODE) that is currently being trialed with patients in the NHS. Follow Dr Llewellyn on Twitter: @DrDJLlewellyn

Research interests

Dr Llewellyn leads a programme of research on dementia prevention and diagnostics, and the development of new technology for personalised medicine. He will focus during his Turing Fellowship on how advanced machine learning methods can be used to develop new algorithms and clinical systems to enhance clinical decision making.