David Llewellyn-Jones



Research Data Scientist


David (he/him) is a Research Data Scientist at The Alun Turing Institute. In previous lives he's been a computer games programmer, a researcher in computer security, and most recently a software engineer developing a commercial Linux-based smartphone operating system.

David has a BA in Maths and Philosophy from the University of Oxford and a PhD in Mathematical Model Theory from the University of Birmingham. He's worked as a Reader at Liverpool John Moores University and a researcher at the University of Cambridge.

David is passionate about open source and open research. He's involved in open source software development and the open source community, especially the community around Sailfish OS, where he's been a long-time contributor to the Sailfish Community Newsletter.

Besides programming David enjoys playing computer games, but after 81 hours of playtime is still stuck on the last level of Celeste.

Research interests

David is hoping to take the best practices learnt from working on commercial and open source software projects and apply them in a research context.

Achievements and awards

  • Twice shortlisted for the Liverpool Students' Union Amazing Teaching Awards
  • Honorary Professorship, Universidad Privada Antenor Orrego (UPAO), Trujillo, Peru