David Lopez is data scientist and scholar at the University of Exeter’s Business School and co-founder of the initiative in Digital Economy at Exeter (INDEX). He holds a PhD and MBA by UPM and IE Business School respectively. Prior to joining Exeter he led the data science unit at KPMG Madrid delivering solutions for large banks, fashion retailers and telecom. companies.

David has been involved in large scale data science related projects at Sky, Santander Bank, Banco Popular and Telefónica. He works with clients in the public and private sector including the Spanish Agency for organ donation and transplant, ZARA, CENTRICA and ZOETIS. He has published 1 book and numerous papers on open innovation, IPRights and business transformations induced by emerging technological paradigms.

Research interests

David’s applied research is focused on the ethics of AI and its application to improve business processes and support fast strategic decision making. His current research projects involve the use of AI to improve learning outcomes in online education contexts. He also does research on the application of natural language processing techniques to better understand processes of entrepreneurship and innovation.