Professor Eiman Kanjo

Portrait of Eiman


Turing Network Development Award Lead, Nottingham Trent University


Eiman Kanjo is Professor of Pervasive Sensing at Nottingham Trent University and head of the Smart Sensing Lab which won the 2020/2021 Vice-Chancellor’s Outstanding Researcher Team Award. She is the academic lead of Smart Nottingham and Smart Campus initiatives. Eiman conducts research in Mobile Sensing, and she has written some of the earliest papers on the subject (NoiseSpy, 2010), (GeoMobSens, 2008), and (MobSens, 2009). Previously Professor Kanjo worked for more than three years as a Research Fellow at the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. She carried out research work at the MRL (Mixed Reality Lab), Computer Science department, University of Nottingham.

Research interests

Eiman’s research mobile sensing is applied in nature and focused on impact, with application areas range from fidgeting/edge interfaces and environmental monitoring for well-being, wearable, to smart retail and mobility. Her latest work brings together the Internet of things, AI and wireless communications to improve wellbeing and social prescribing.