Dr Emmanouil Tranos

Emmanouil Tranos


Turing Fellow

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Emmanouil is an economic geographer focusing primarily on the spatiality of the digital economy. He is currently a Reader in Quantitative Human Geography at the University of Bristol and has published on issues related with the geography of the internet infrastructure, the economic impacts that this digital infrastructure can generate on cities and regions and the position of cities within spatial, complex networks. His research in this area led to a monograph on 'The Geography of the Internet: Cities, Regions and Internet Infrastructure'. Emmanouil has also a strong interest and expertise on the use of new sources of big data, such as data from mobile phone operators, as a means to improve our understanding of the complexities of cities and urban systems.

Research interests

Emmanouil's research at the Turing will explore the potential of web data and digital archives as a means to understand cities and the spatial economy. His research aims to generate new knowledge about business activities and the digital economy as well as their evolution over space and time at a much higher level of granularity, in terms of space, time and content, than previous conventional data sources and methods were able to do. In addition, his Turing research aims to create broader transformative effects to social sciences as it will illustrate the value of web data and digital archives for social science research at scale and also provide the necessary tools to take advantage of these data, which have been underutilised.