Filip Rindler is a Professor in Mathematics at the University of Warwick. A computer scientist turned mathematician, he contributes to the Turing's activities at the interface between theory and applications. After completing his doctorate at the OxPDE centre within the University of Oxford, he moved to the University of Cambridge to take up the Gonville & Caius College Drosier Research Fellowship (JRF), holding the position before joining Warwick in 2013. For 2018-2023 he is funded by an ERC Starting Grant and a DCE/LRF grant within the Turing. In 2018 he was awarded an LMS Whitehead Prize.

Research interests

He is interested in variational/optimisation problems, interpreted broadly. He is particularly interested in theoretical aspects, but also in applications to material science, physics, and economics. One particular aspect of his research to date has centred around generalised solutions to minimisation problems that do not have a minimiser, but whose approximate solutions develop finer and finer oscillations or concentrations as one approaches the minimum. Describing and analysing such situations often relies on advanced tools, such as Young measures, and he has contributed several results and techniques in this area. Recently, he has also been interested in anomaly detection problems.