Gerardo Aquino

Gerardo Aquino


Research Associate


Gerardo is working on the GUARD (Global Urban Analytics for Resilient Defence) project. He completed his Master in Theoretical Physics in Pisa and his PhD in physics of complex systems at the Center for NonLinear Science of the University of North Texas. His main research interests fall within the broad areas of modelling complex systems in physics, biology and social systems.

His research work in the Biological Physics Groups at Imperial College  and Max Planck Institute of Complex Systems and in the Mathematical Biology group at the University of Surrey advanced modelling of cell sensing, both at the single receptor and cooperative receptors models and of stem cell differentiation using information theory, Bayesian inference and both equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics approaches.

Research interests

At the Turing, Gerardo is working on developing complex network approaches to modelling of conflicts. Within the GUARD project in collaboration with Weisi Guo and Alan Wilson he is developing a non-linear dynamical model of conflicts implemented on multiplexed complex networks. Starting from a global geospatial networks of cities and adding layers of political, economic and cultural interactions between the cities the model can be trained on past conflict data to predict new ones. The project aims at developing a platform for predicting conflicts, individuate causal factors and inform preventive policies.