Dr Hashem Koohy

Hashem Koohy


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Hashem is an Associate Professor of Systems and Quantitative Immunology and a group head at MRC Human Immunology Unit at University of Oxford.Hashem awarded a PhD in Systems Biology from University of Warwick. He then moved to Cambridge to fulfil two postdoctoral research fellows. First at the Sanger Institute he worked on developing models to identify regulatory regions in human genome, and then at the Babraham Institute, he worked on incorporating high dimensional data into machine-learning models to find out why and how our adaptive immune systems is deteriorated as a function of age. 

Research interests

Hashem’s current research interest focuses on leveraging the emerging bulk and  single cell data to deconvolute cellular and molecular components of immune response to a disease or treatment. He is specifically interested in taking systems and quantitative immunology approaches to foster our understanding the rules underpinning the adaptive immunes system interaction with pathogens and other cell types.