Dr Heather Harrington obtained her PhD in Applied Mathematics  at Imperial College London under the supervision of  Jaroslav Stark and Dorothy Buck. She stayed at  Imperial College London as a postdoc before moving to University of Oxford, UK.

Heather Harrington currently is a Royal Society University Research Fellow and Associate Professor of Applied
Algebra and Data Science. Last year, Dr Harrington was awarded the London Mathematical Society Whitehead Prize `for her outstanding contributions to mathematical biology which have generated new biological insights using novel applications of topological and algebraic techniques’.

Research interests

Dr Harrington's research focuses on the problem of reconciling models and data by extracting information about the structure of models and the shape of data. She develops models and methods to study primarily biological and chemical systems; however, her work is also applied towards engineering, medical, physical and social problems. Such analysis often requires working with data. Dr Harrington integrates techniques from a variety of disciplines such as computational algebraic geometry and topology, statistics, optimisation, network theory, and dynamical systems. She has applied these methods to different levels of organisation; for example, studying biological processes and their dysfunction at molecular, tissue and population scales.