Hussein is a researcher within the Data-Centric Engineering program. He holds a PhD in engineering (computational) sciences in particular probabilistic modelling of data using the Bayesian paradigm, mostly applied to material parameter characterization and material randomness modelling.

Previous positions and education

2018-2019  Postdoctoral researcher, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

2014-2018 PhD, Engineering (computational) sciences, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg and University of Liege, Belgium.

Supervisor: Professor S.P.A. Bordas, Associate Professor L. Noels and Dr L.A.A. Beex

Thesis Topic: Model and parameter identification through Bayesian inference in solid

2010-2013 MSc, Applied mechanics, University of Tehran, Iran.

Supervisor: Professor A. Yousefi-Koma

Thesis Topic: Analysis of defects in cylindrical shape structures using Lamb waves

2006-2010 BSc, Mechanical engineering (solid mechanics), University of Tabriz, Iran.

Supervisor: Professor M. Rezaee

Thesis Topic: Vibration analysis of fluid conveying carbon nano tubes in an elastic medium considering rotational moment of inertia (linear and nonlinear study)

Research interests

Hussein is mainly focused on use of the probabality logic in applied and computational mechanics