Dr Jack Stilgoe is an Associate Professor in Science and Technology Studies at University College London. He has spent his professional life in the overlap between science policy research and science policy practice, first at UCL’s department of Science and Technology Studies, then at the think tank Demos, then the Royal Society and then the University of Exeter.

At Demos, he initiated and ran a range of projects, advising and working with organisations such as BIS, Defra, the Food Standards Agency, EPSRC, BBSRC, MRC, Practical Action, the Environment Agency, the European Space Agency, Unilever and Pfizer. At the Royal Society, he ran the study that produced the influential report The Scientific Century. He has published and presented his academic and policy research to audiences around the world. Working with academics, policymakers, the media and others, he has helped advance debates on emerging technologies, public engagement with science, the use of expert advice and the value of innovation.

Research interests

Jack Stilgoe's project explores how machine learning is being developed and used for self-driving cars. In particular, it asks how social learning – the processes by which society learns about new technologies – can be maximised. The project will ask: 

  • How is machine learning currently used in the development of self-driving cars?
  • What are innovators’ and stakeholders’ visions of the future and how are these likely to shape AV innovation? 
  • What is the possibility of governing rapidly emerging technologies in a democratic and responsible way? 
  • What should responsible experimentation and deployment look like? 
  • What governance approaches are likely to maximise the public value of AVs?