Dr Jatinder Singh

Jatinder Singh


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Dr Jat Singh is an EPSRC Research Fellow at the Department of Computer Science & Technology, University of Cambridge. There he leads the newly-formed 'Compliant and Accountable Systems' research group, and is also co-investigator of the Microsoft Cloud Computing Research Centre, a tech-legal collaboration with QMUL. He also co-chairs the Cambridge Trust & Technology Initiative, which drives research exploring the dynamics of trust and distrust in relation to internet technologies, society and power. Jat is active in the tech-policy space, serving on advisory councils for the UK Government and Financial Conduct Authority. He completed his PhD in Computer Science at the University in Cambridge, has several years of commercial experience in the areas of health and legal systems, and has studied some law.

Research interests

Jat's research concerns taking an interdisciplinary (tech-legal) approach to tackling issues of governance, control, agency, accountability and trust regarding emerging technology. Key areas of focus include security, privacy, transparency and accountability, particularly in the context of cloud and distributed environments (Internet of Things).