Dr Katayoun Farrahi

Katayoun Farrahi


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Kate Farrahi is an assistant professor in at the University of Southampton working in the vision, learning and control VLC Group. The focus of her research is on machine learning, particularly deep learning, often applied to health-related applications. 

She is interested in developing machine learning techniques to address novel sensor-driven healthcare problems, including natural language processing and vision related applications such as medical imaging and contactless vitals measurements. 

Prior to joining Southampton, she was a research assistant at Idiap Research Institute. She obtained her PhD in Computer Science from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.

Research interests

Kate’s research is focused on machine learning for health. She has a number of research directions related to this. One of these directions is medical imaging for downstream and localisation tasks, self-supervised learning, and related problems such as interpretability and uncertainty estimates. She is also working on human activity recognition, neural arithmetic logic modules, contactless vitals measurements and digital epidemiology.