Professor Katharine Robson Brown

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Turing Fellow, Turing University Lead - Bristol, Chair of the Research and Innovation Advisory Committee

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Kate Robson Brown is Professor of Biological Anthropology within the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Engineering, and is Turing University Lead for Bristol. She obtained her PhD in phylogenetics from the University of Cambridge (Newnham College, 1995), and held the Graham Robertson Research Fellowship at Downing College. She is the Director of the Jean Golding Institute for Data Science and Data Intensive Research at the University of Bristol.

Kate is also chair of the Institute's Research and Innovation Advisory Committee, which steers scientific direction at the Turing.

Research interests

Kate’s research explores the microstructure of living tissues and their response to changing and extreme environments; innovating methodologies for the capture, computational modelling, analysis and interpretation of data describing complex material and structural characterisation. Biological anthropological applications of these methods include forensic identification, the regulation of hard tissue growth and development, and the study of biomechanical systems in extinct species. Engineering applications include employing the ontogeny of tissue microstructure as a model of programmed transformation in 4D materials, biomimetics in engineering design, and multi-scale modelling of complex hierarchical structures and systems.