Leon Danon is an interdisciplinary scientist interested in collective behaviour, complex systems, networks and public health. He studies human populations, contacts and social interactions, motivated by applications in public health. He is often guided by the study of large, relevant datasets that capture statistical patterns which can be understood using statistical physics, mathematical modelling approaches and data science. His particular focus is on infectious disease epidemiology and the subtle interplay between human behaviour and disease transmission.

He is also interested in collaboration networks in music, infectious disease surveillance and the design of clinical trials. 

Research interests

At The Alan Turing Institute, Leon is planning to tackle pressing problems in public health that can be understood from a data intensive perspective. 

How and why do clinical decisions get made? What influences those decisions? Are there practical steps that can be taken to improve patient outcomes and at the same improve the cost efficiency of a public health care system?  

Leon is especially keen in building relationships across disciplines, especially in areas that are currently under-explored where human-centric information is available. Please do get in touch to discuss.