Dr Leonardo Bottolo is Reader in Statistics for Biomedicine at the University of Cambridge. He received his PhD in Methodological Statistics from the University of Trento, Italy, in 2001. Before joining the University of Cambridge, he was appointed Senior Lecturer in Statistics in the Department of Mathematics, Imperial College. He worked as postdoc in the Mathematical Genetics group, University of Oxford and at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Imperial College.

Research interests

Dr Leonardo Bottolo has considerable experience of methodological and algorithmic aspects of data integration and feature selection in genetics and system biology for high-dimensional data. In continuity with his experience in population genetics gained in Oxford he implemented new multivariate approaches for the detection of systemic associations between different types of -omics data. Currently he is further developing these statistical tools with novel MCMC samplers to make them fully operational on current large genetics data and on future high-throughput Next Generation Sequencing. The implementation of these algorithms benefits from recent advances in parallel computing of massive data sets.