Dr Levi John Wolf

Levi John Wolf


Turing Fellow

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Levi John Wolf is a Lecturer of Quantitative Human Geography at the University of Bristol. He holds affiliate appointments as a Fellow at the Center for Spatial Data Science at the University of Chicago & Affiliate Faculty at the University of California, Riverside Center for Geospatial Sciences. He completed his PhD at Arizona State University in the GeoDa Center for Spatial Analysis & Computation in 2017. He relocated to Bristol from Brooklyn in 2017. During and after his PhD, he worked at Nextdoor.com, Inc., a social network for neighbourhoods, and CARTO, a leading spatial data science services company.

Research interests

Dr Wolf's research for The Alan Turing Institute revolves around using machine learning to bound and link cities using new forms of data. The work examines how areas in which we live and work might not overlap well with the boundaries of city governments or federal agencies. By understanding where the formal city stops, we can gain a better understanding of urban areas that are left out of formal infrastructure, development, governance, and analysis areas.