Lorenzo Pellis graduated in Mathematics at the Università di Trieste (Italy) before moving to London for a PhD and postdoc at the Centre for Outbreak Analysis and Modelling at Imperial College (2005-2012).

After another postdoc at the Systems Biology and Infectious Disease Epidemiology group at the University of Warwick (2012-2017), he was awarded a Sir Henry Dale Fellowship (Wellcome Trust + Royal Society), which he is now continuing in the School of Mathematics at the University of Manchester.

He became a Turing Fellow in Manchester in August 2018.

Research interests

Lorenzo’s main research focuses on developing models to study the epidemiological and evolutionary consequences of coinfection (defined as the simultaneous presence in a host of two or more pathogen variants or species). Genetic data can help us better understanding within-host processes, but the epidemiological and evolutionary consequences remain elusive because of incomplete biological knowledge, but also because of a lack of suitable mathematical models that can capture simultaneously the within- and between-host scales. Using models to capture the complex feedback loops between such scales is crucial if we want to make full use of the limited (expensive, sometimes invasive) and typically indirect genetic and epidemiological data. Applications involve better understanding of:

  1. The emergence of antimicrobial resistance;
  2. The evolutionary epidemiology of HIV
  3. The co-circulation of multiple infections (HIV-TB, HIV-genital herpes, etc.)

Aside from his main project, Lorenzo has an interest in data science, and in particular statistical methods for parameter estimation. Rather than `big data’, the challenges in epidemiological and health-care data are mostly due to the large amount of missing data, which require statistically advanced and computationally demanding methods (e.g. data augmentation, reversible-jump MCMC).

Achievements and awards

Lorenzo Pellis has been awarded a prestigious Sir Henry Dale Fellowship in 2016 from the Wellcome Trust and the Royal Society.

Other awards/titles include:

  • Honorary Research Fellow, Zeeman Institute, University of Warwick, UK.
  • Honorary Research Associate, Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Imperial College London, UK.
  • Travel Award to support mathematics teaching placement in Ghana from the Postdoc Development Centre Fund, Imperial College London, UK.
  • Full PhD scholarship, Mathematics Institute, Imperial College London, UK.
  • Memorial prize in name of prof. Marco Reni for excellence of the MSc thesis, University of Trieste, Italy.
  • Scholarship from the “Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica”, Italy.