Dr Luca Magri

Photo of: Luca Magri


Turing Fellow and Group Leader, Physics-informed machine learning and data assimilation

Partner Institution


Luca is a Reader in data-driven fluid mechanics at Imperial College London, Aeronautics Department. Luca is a Fellow of The Alan Turing Institute, Hans Fischer Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study (TU Munich) and Visiting Academic Fellow at Cambridge University Engineering Department. Prior to joining Imperial, Luca was a Lecturer at Cambridge University Engineering Department, Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) Research Fellow, and Fellow of Pembroke College. Prior to becoming a lecturer and RAEng Research Fellow at Cambridge, he was a postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University Center for Turbulence Research. He obtained his PhD in Engineering at the University of Cambridge. His research is currently funded by an ERC Starting Grant.

Research interests

At The Alan Turing Institute, Luca is group leader of Physics-Informed Machine Learning and Data Assimilation under the Data-Centric Engineering Programme. In synergy with PREMIERE (EPSRC Programme Grant), Luca will perform research on optimal engineering design with multi-phase fluids, which are relevant to the energy sector, health care, manufacturing, biofluids, among others.