Magnus Rattray is Professor of Computational & Systems Biology at the University of Manchester. He graduated with a BSc in Mathematics & Physics (1992) and PhD in Computer Science (1996) from the University of Manchester. Postdoctoral work on the statistical mechanics theory of neural networks at the Neural Computing Research Group, Aston University, was followed by a Lectureship in Computer Science at the University of Manchester. He was Professor of Machine Learning & Statistical Bioinformatics at Sheffield University before his return to Manchester in 2012 where he is Director of the University of Manchester Data Science Institute.

Research interests

Magnus uses probabilistic modelling and Bayesian inference techniques to study biological systems across a broad range of temporal and spatial scales, from gene expression in single cells to longitudinal population health data. Recent work includes methods to uncover oscillations from single-cell imaging time course data and the development of scalable Gaussian process models for pseudotime and branching process inference using single-cell RNA-Seq data.