Professor Mark Graham

Professor Mark Graham

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Mark Graham is an Associate Professor at the Oxford Internet Institute. Mark’s research focuses internet geographies, digital work, and economic development. He is currently leading a European Research Council Starting Grant to lead a team to study 'knowledge economies' in Sub-Saharan Africa over five years.

Research interests

Mark studies the intersections of geography and big online datasets. Specifically, this strand of work examines two broad questions: (1) what can we learn about volumes and types of online participation from different parts of the world? (e.g. why do we see higher rates of participation from some people/places and not others?); (2) we can we learn about the representation of physical phenomena from digital datasets? (e.g. what can the geography of digital phenomena, such as tweets about floods, tell us about physical phenomena, such as floods? etc.). He also leads an Oxford-based ‘incubator’ that focuses on the intersections between big data and human development.