Dr Martin O'Reilly

Dr Martin O'Reilly


Director of Research Engineering


Martin is Director of Research Engineering at the Turing. His focus is on using good software engineering practices to increase the impact of research software and data science analyses by making these reusable, reliable and robust. He also has a strong interest in reproducible research, and is working to improve the tools and working practices available at the Turing to make it easier for researchers to work reproducibly.

Martin also has an interest in enabling researchers to work safely, securely and productively with sensitive data, leading work on the Institute's cloud-based secure research environment, as well as a project evaluating techniques for generating synthetic datasets, to understand if these can effectively replace more sensitive datasets for data science analyses.

Martin has a PhD in computational neuroscience from UCL, and an MSc in artificial intelligence from Edinburgh. During his postgraduate work his focus was on understanding the brain by simulating it, and developing techniques to understand the connectivity of neurons within the brain from high-resolution microscopy.

Martin's experience developing software, managing software projects and managing technical teams spans both the research and business sectors, having spent several years doing this in the commercial sector between stints in academia.