Dr Marya Bazzi

Marya Bazzi


Turing Fellow

Partner Institution


Marya received her PhD in Applied Mathematics from Oxford University in 2016. Her thesis focused on clustering in time-dependent networks. Before joining the Turing she was a postdoctoral scholar at Oxford University and Head of Analytics at a London-based FinTech. Marya is particularly interested in developing research projects at the interface between academia and industry.  

Research interests

Marya is interested in developing models and algorithms to extract and/or recover information from large time-dependent data sets. She is equally interested in applying such tools to real-world problems in areas such as Sociology, Psychology, Biology, and Finance. Areas of particular interest are clustering, time-dependent networks, multilayer networks, stochastic block models (e.g., used as generative models for interdependent “mesoscale” structure), matrix completion, graph sparsification, combinatorial optimisation and spectral optimisation. Areas she plans to further explore are statistical learning and natural language processing. Key to her approach is interdisciplinary research and close collaboration with industry.