Michael Catt joined Newcastle University from industry as a professor of practice in 2009. Michael acquired considerable experience in the development of  in-vitro diagnostic systems at Unipath (now Swiss Precision Diagnostics), contributing IP, research and technical development to leading consumer brands for women's health (Clearblue, Clearplan) as well as point of care, rapid diagnostic systems for clinical immunoassay and microbiology. One of the consumer products employed embedded self-learning algorithms developed by Michael and his team to improve the identification of the fertile phase over successive cycles of use and are still used in the product today.

Michael moved to Unilever Corporate Research to lead the 'Healthy Ageing' programme, contributing to well known brands and to spin-out technologies and integrated systems for web/mobile lifestyle intervention and wearable monitors for research and consumer use (e.g. genea). A core focus of the Healthy Ageing programme was preservation of metabolic health through the life-course via lifestyle behaviour.  Michael has continued to progress these interests, contributing to the National Innovation Centre for Ageing, the Newcastle University spin-out 'Changing Health' and to a number of other multinational, start-up and spin-out companies focused on the use of biomarkers in health management. 

Research interests

The recent UK Industrial Strategy Healthy Ageing Grand Challenge identifies the need to reduce inequalities in health trajectories and improve healthy life expectancy. Michael's Turing research is aligned to the technical realisation of these goals, bridging exploration of biomarkers in large well characterised cohorts, such as ukbiobank, to explore the fusion of non-invasive and other accessible biomarkers to inform lifestyle intervention strategies, the associated design and realisation of cloud/mobile, wearable and self-monitoring delivery systems with consequent evaluation and translation into practice.