Professor Michael Rovatsos

Michael Rovatsos


Turing Fellow and Turing University Lead - Edinburgh

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Michael Rovatsos is Deputy Vice Principal of Research and Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh, where he is also Director of the Bayes Centre, the  University's innovation centre for Data Science and AI. He obtained his PhD in Informatics from the Technical University of Munich in 2004, after which he went straight into a full-time academic position at Edinburgh. He has a track record of over 90 publications in AI, and has been involved in externally funded projects worth over £17 million.

Research interests

His research interests are in Artificial Intelligence with a specific focus on multiagent systems and human-friendly and ethical algorithm design. Within this wider field, he has made contributions to a range of topics from multiagent communication, planning, and learning to the design of argumentation, trust and reputation, and normative systems. His most recent work has focused on designing smart orchestration platforms for human collaboration, developing diversity-aware coordination algorithms, and developing methods to elicit fairness criteria from human users to translate these to ethical resource allocation mechanisms.