Dr Michael Veale

Michael Veale


Digital Charter Fellow

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Michael Veale is Digital Charter Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute and honorary research fellow at Birmingham Law School, specialising in technology law and policy concerning the social impacts of machine learning and privacy-preserving data analysis, and social considerations around data-driven technologies on the ground.

He holds a PhD in Science, Technology, Engineering & Public Policy from UCL on 'Governing Machine Learning That Matters'. His research has been cited by national and international bodies, regulators, the media, been presented in the US Senate and debated in Parliament. He has consulted for a range of national and international organisations around data-driven technologies and society, including the European Commission, World Bank, the Commonwealth, the Law Society and the Royal Society and the British Academy. He tweets at @mikarv.

    Research interests

    At the Turing, Michael is interested in the following areas:

    • Systems for identifying illegal or 'undesirable' audiovisual and textual content across a range of sectors (eg hate speech, violence, terrorist content, harassment, and separately, misinformation), to talk about opportunities, challenges and limitations in:
      • Detecting such content in the presence of rarity and concept drift;
      • Coping with phenomena that are highly socially contextual and contingent.
    • Privacy-preserving data analysis, to discuss how cryptosystems (eg secure MPC, homomorphic encryption, ZKPs) interact with i) business models ii) the law, particularly in the context of on-device targeting and profiling.