Dr Nadia Papamichail

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Turing Fellow

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Nadia Papamichail is a Senior Lecturer in Information and Decision Systems at the University of Manchester. She holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Manchester and an MSc in Information Systems from the University of Leeds.

Nadia has a track record of inter-disciplinary research funded by the EPSRC and Innovate UK. She works on the interface of decision analysis, behaviour and support. She is the theme lead of Decision Analytics and Behaviour at the Decision and Cognitive Sciences Research Centre and an academic director of the Law and Technology Initiative (LaTi). She is the elected Chair of DASIG, a network of practitioners and academics which runs under the auspices of the Operational Research Society and seeks to promote the discipline of decision analysis in the UK and abroad.

Research interests

Nadia’s Turing related work focuses on developing tools with explainable and interpretable outputs. She is particularly interested in decision analytic tools that combine inputs from decision makers, stakeholders and models. Even though explanatory capabilities do not improve the quality or accuracy of a system’s results, they add transparency into the algorithmic process, improve traceability and assure users that the reasoning behind the system is robust.