Professor Nasir Rajpoot

Professor Nasir Rajpoot


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Nasir Rajpoot is Professor in Computer Science at Warwick, where he started his academic career as an Assistant Professor in 2001, and the Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award holder since Sep 2017. He holds an Honorary Scientist position and serves as the Academic Lead for Digital Pathology Centre of Excellence at the University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust. Rajpoot is the founding Head of Tissue Image Analytics (TIA) lab at Warwick since 2012. The focus of current research in his lab is on developing novel computational pathology algorithms for improved cancer diagnostics and better stratification of cancer patients.  

Research interests

Modern day slide scanners are capable of generating large microscopic resolution images of conventional tissue slides, spurring a revolution in the practice of cellular pathology as a discipline. This development comes at a time when computing capacity and machine learning technologies are peaking, offering a remarkable opportunity to reveal complex cellular patterns in a data-driven manner. Rajpoot’s research capitalises on this opportunity to seek answers to questions like: Can we develop novel efficient image based measures of the ‘state of play’ of complex diseases such as cancer? And can we use such measures to further our understanding of cancer and predict the progression and outcome of cancer?