Nikolaos Fountoulakis is a Reader in probabilistic combinatorics at the University of Birmingham. He gained his DPhil in Mathematics at the University of Oxford in 2003. He then held several research positions at McGill University, the University of Birmingham and the Max Planck Institute for Informatics. He returned to the University of Birmingham as a Lecturer in 2011. His research has been funded by the European Commission (through the Marie Curie scheme) as well as by the EPSRC.

Research interests

His current research programme has to do with the development of the mathematical theory of evolving discrete topological spaces and their large-scale characteristics. These mechanisms are viewed as models of the evolution of networks in which relations are high-dimensional, not merely between any two nodes but are realised among groups of nodes. A key aspect of the project involves the combinatorial characteristics of these networks and the emerging geometry. In particular, he will be aiming to determine those conditions on the growth mechanism which ensure the emergence of scale-free characteristics as well as its small-world properties (two ubiquitous features in many instances of large-scale networks).

Achievements and awards

Research funding (present and past) 1.. EPSRC Standard Grant (PI) (2017-20) 2. EPSRC First Grant (PI) (2013-15) 3. Marie Curie Career Integration Grant (FP7) (PI) (2011-15) 5. Marie Curie Research Fellowship (Intra-European Fellowships scheme - FP7) (PI) (2010-11)